Kataiya Usmanpur

Kataiya Usmanpur is a village situated in Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh which falls in India. The geographical coordinates i.e. latitude and longitude of Kataiya Usmanpur is 28.3474462 and 78.2133651 respectively. IST(Indian Standard Time) followed in Kataiya Usmanpur is located in the UTC time zone 5:30. The currency code for Indian rupee is INR. The currency used in Kataiya Usmanpur is Indian rupee.

Village / Town / city / etc Kataiya Usmanpur
Taluk/Block Nigohi
District Shahjahanpur
State Uttar Pradesh
Country India
Continent Asia
Time Zone IST ( UTC + 05:30)
Currency Indian Rupee ( INR )
ISD Dialing Code +91
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Driving side left
Internet cTLD in
Language Hindi, Urdu
Time difference 17 minutes

Kataiya Usmanpur website and dialing Code

Connection to phones and mobiles in Kataiya Usmanpur can be reached by adding Indian country dialing code +91 from any where the globe. The country top level domain extension is in. so many people register their websites under this domain extension. Since India is known for its Supermacy in Information technology, Kataiya Usmanpur also has access to the internet. The basic communication media like radio, TV, Newspapers are also available in Kataiya Usmanpur.

Kataiya Usmanpur travel guide

Kataiya Usmanpur travel guide provides various traval information like nearest railway station, nearest airport, route map, tourist places and more travel related information. Kataiya Usmanpur people speakes Hindi, Urdu as their main communication language. as well as it is a mother tongue of most of the peoples. Some people in Kataiya Usmanpur may speake english as their second langauge.

Kataiya Usmanpur map

The following Kataiya Usmanpur map is comming from google. You can use the Kataiya Usmanpur map in satilite mode and normal mode. The plus and minus symbol can be used to enlarge and reduce the Kataiya Usmanpur map size.

Nearby villages from Kataiya Usmanpur

The following villages are surrounding villages to Kataiya Usmanpur.The given distance are kilometer from Kataiya Usmanpur and it is based on the straight line distance from Kataiya Usmanpur.

Nearest railway station to Kataiya Usmanpur

Nigohi railway station is the nearest railway station from Kataiya Usmanpur. The straight line distance from Kataiya Usmanpur to Nigohi railway station is around 1.5 kilometer. The nearest railway station and its distance from Kataiya Usmanpur are follows.
Nigohi railway station1.5 KM.
Banthra railway station19.4 KM.
Tilhar railway station20.0 KM.
Shahjahanpur railway station22.2 KM.
Shahjahanpur railway station22.2 KM.

Nearest airport to Kataiya Usmanpur

Nearest airport from Kataiya Usmanpur‘s is Bareilly Airport which is situated around 57.1 KM ditance.
Bareilly Airport57.1 KM.
Kheri Airport78.9 KM.
Farrukhabad Airport96.7 KM.

Village name start alike Kataiya Usmanpur

The following village/town name start like Kataiya Usmanpur. The first four character of the given village name are starts alike Kataiya Usmanpur. Kata - Kata - Kata Jar - Kata Karaudi - Katabahal - Katabari - Katada - Katageri - Kataghar - Kataha - Kataha - Kataha - Kataha - Kataha Mafi - Katahara - Katahara - Katahara - Katahari - Katahguri - Katahit Khas - Katahra Jamin Katahra - Katahri - Katai - Katai - Katai - Katai Allimuddinpur - Katai Tikar Khas - Kataia - Kataia Mahe - Kataila - Kataiya - Kataiya - Kataiya - Kataiya Bhari - Katak Kheri - Kataka - Kataka - Kataka - Kataka Bali - Kataka Marautha - Katakbara - Katakbhavi - Katakda - Katakoteswaram - Katakpara - Katakpura - Katala - Katalabodi - Katalbod - Katalbodi - Katale - Katali / Lakhamapur - Katalpur - Katalwada - Katalwahi - Katami - Katamkuli - Katana - Katana - Katana - Katanabania - Katang - Katang - Katangdhara - Katangi - Katangikhurd - Katangjhari - Katani Kalan - Katani Khurd - Katapali - Katapalli - Katapur - Katapur - Katapuram - Katar - Katar - Katar - Khatav - Katar Choti - Katara - Katara - Katara - Katara - Katara - Katara Aziz - Katara Kalinjar - Kataraki - Kataraki - Kataram - Katarbaga - Kataree - Katari - Katari - Katari - Katari - Kataria - Kataria Nankar - Kataria Uparwar - Katarian - Katarihara - Katariya - Katariya - Katariya - Katarkhadak - Katarkheda - Katarmala South - Katarni - Katarpara - Kataru - Kataru Chak - Katarupalli - Katarwas - Katasvan - Katat Chak Katat - Kataul - Katauli - Katauna - Katauna - Katauni - Kataura Buzurg - Kataura Zafarabad - Katauri - Katavadi Bk - Katavali - Katavar - Katavaram - Katawa Mafi - Katawar -

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